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 Mabel's GM App x3

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PostSubject: Mabel's GM App x3   Mon Jan 05, 2009 8:17 am

To who it may concern ~
Hello Very Happy I'm Mabel, and I'm applying for the GM position.
Hope you'll enjoy! Smile

IGN: Mabel

Real Name: Mabel x3

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Contact: Just PM me. Simple! ^^

Now that the requirements are out of the way, let me elaborate a bit more...

1) Do you have any GM experience?
Nope! I have never been a GM before, but that's exactly why I'm applying now.

2) What do you consider hacking?
Hacking is basically a way for a player to gain an unfair advantage over other players. You use other programs to manipulate the game and gain shortcuts. However, hacking is illegal, and retarded. Why would you hack on a private server? It's just stupid and unfair— that's more than enough reasons to penalize them.

3) How would you handle/prevent hackers?
If I catch a hacker, I'll give them a warning first. Everyone deserves second chances.
If they don't listen, then I'll ban them.

4) How will you help this server?
I'll help the server by helping the players! Whatever questions they have, I will try to answer in the best way possible. I'll also try to organize events and make the server generally more enjoyable.

5) Are you a dedicated person? How much time can you contribute?
Yes, I am dedicated. I could probably go on everyday, if not just to check on the server's status. I'd also stick with the server as I meet more and more friends. Smile

6) Are you skilled in coding?
Unfortunately, no. But I can learn if someone is willing to teach.

7) List your biggest flaw.
My biggest flaw would probably be not knowing how to code things.

8- Why should you be a GM?
My goal is to help others, with or without the GM status. I'm not in it for the powers. It's just a lot easier and cooler when you ARE a GM. I'd also get to be a role model to players if I'm a GM. Nothing better than a kind and caring community. ^^

And that's it! If you're wondering, I got the questions from YummyMS. xD Yes, I've played their server, and they're awesome, but they have MORE than enough great GMs. I just hope I can provide a better experience for RammMS.

~ Mabel x3
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Mabel's GM App x3
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