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 Patrick's GM Application

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Registration date : 2009-01-05

PostSubject: Patrick's GM Application   Mon Jan 05, 2009 5:42 am

Name: My name is Patrick Gonzales

Age : I am currently 12 but i know alot about privateservers

Country : I am from the US

Desired position : I would like to be a gm to help out the community

Languages you speak : I can speak English and almost fluent Chienese

Website : I currently dont have a web site..

E-mail : kalenewwn@yahoo.com

Yahoo : kalenewwn@yahoo.com

Previous Experiences : I was a gm for a server called GosuMS but it closed down cuz of someone hacking it.

Personality : I consider my self to be a almost listening to wat everyone says and not caring about it.

Do you speak English well?: Yes as a matter of fact i was born with the english

Communication ability : im talkative and i make alot of friends

Are you mature? : yes, i am mature about a gm position i wont ban people for saying im stupid or something
nothing for that stupid.

Why do you want to apply for that position? :Because i can help out the server i dont want it just so icanban people or something the usual people say i
actually care about the server i want to support people.

Anything else : I want to help u guys out.

How long have you played MapleStory : I have been playing maplestory for 2 years

Ign : Patrick
How did I join this server : i found this server by XtremeTOP100~

Why did I play this server : because it looked really fun and like i would stick with it for a long time

What am I thinking : When will my mom make steak

Why did I even bother to answer all these questions :Because i want to be a gm for u guys and support ur
wonderful community
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Patrick's GM Application
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