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 [GM] Application; Karinia

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PostSubject: [GM] Application; Karinia   Sun Jan 04, 2009 11:06 am

I'm Karinia here. Some of you may have known me for awhile in-game. That's the reason why I'm applying for this position right now =o.

Name - Devan

Age - 12 (Young much Very Happy)

Country - Singapore (+8 GMT)

Gender - Male

Language - English & Chinese

IGN - Karinia

Job Wanted - GameMaster position in RammMS Very Happy. (RAM ALICE NAO >:O)

Experience - I've been a GM in one server; llbiMS and even have an experience of being an SGM in MapleSEA for a few months. llbiMS is currently not shut down though. However, MapleSEA was experiencing the mass hacking cases, it's like, 75% of the server left. Leaving 25% behind and who knows, some may have still been hacked since then.

How active are you? - I can only freaking be online during school holidays, which is during March, June, September (Sometimes) and December. However, I have like 1 hour left to the computer currently. I hope I kinda get accepted :3.

Why do you want to be a GM? - Well, firstly, I have experiences of banning hackers. I can survive spams but not alot of them. I love hosting events and giving out things Very Happy. I am very very very very (list as many verys as you want) kind. (I'm serious. Alice and Vince may not think so Very Happy) I can also warp around unreachable places like Ludi PQ or Kerning PQ and identify some bugs.

What can you do if you're chosen to be a GM? - I will help to look out for hackers, those who loveee hacking and like those people who are lazy. I can vote for the server everyday although I can't play RammMS until another 3 months. I can host events sometimes to keep the interest or to keep players in RammMS. Remember, RammMS is just plain ramming, but we love to ram into you so that we get you in >:].

Edited. Programming/coding wise : I'm currently in Secondary School and all secondary students take CCAs. For other people from other countries, CCAs are like extra-curricular activities after school. CCAs help build sportsmanship and teamwork among students. CCAs are broken into groups like "Uniformed Groups" "Clubs and Societies" "Sports" and "Aesthetics". Uniformed Groups are CCAs like Red Cross and Scouts. Clubs and Societies include CCAs like Art Club (For those who are interested in Art) and Computer Club (Programming Very Happy. Microsoft Visual C++, Adobe Photoshop and more Very Happy). Sports like Table Tennis, Badminton, Soccer are included too. Aesthetics are mostly under the "music" category. Band, Choir fall under this category. In many schools around the nation, the CCAs differ as schools have to find teachers, coaches and even conductors to help train them. However, I have picked Computer Club and NetSports (Table-Tennis) and (Badminton) --> Combination. I will be talking about Computer Club. Let's see what my school, TKSS, says.

"The TK computer Club provides opportunities for members to learn IT skills. Members come on every Friday for lessons on Programming language such as C, C++, Java, HTML and other programming languages. In addition they are quipped with many IT skills like Photoshop, Flash, Action Script, Data Base Management, Front Page, Dreamweaver, Robotics and many more.
Computer Club members are also given the opportunities to participate in numerous IT and IT related competitions annually.

Some of these competitions include:
1. National Olympiad In Informatics organized by the National University of Singapore (School of computing) and supported by MOE.
2. National Software Competition organized by Singapore Polytechnic and supported by MOE.
3. National Junior Robotics Competition organized by the Science Centre and supported by MOE.
4. Splash Award organized by the Singapore Computing Association.
5. ViComp organized by Victoria Junior College.
Members are also given the chance to organise the annual TK Computer Quiz to develop leadership skills, interpersonal skills and communication skills. "

*Credits to http://www.tanjongkatongsec.moe.edu.sg/nur_leaders_ccas_clubs_computer.html for the convincing
description of the CCA.*

As you can see at the top, Java, HTML and others are included in learning. Sooo, once I learn and apply these skills, coding comes Very Happy. My next reason for applying to be a GM.

What else - If I ever get accepted..... I hope I will see hackers or people who beg, I can simply jail them >;-].

PS : Ryan, can you add in a command something like "!jailmap". This command may be useful for GMs who don't fly or open their hacks in time to reach people who are fly-hacking. That way, they can at least track down the people who are hacking.

Thanks for reading my application, good day people :3.

EDIT: As of 9th January 2009, I'm currently not in that CCA still. The CCA Recruitment starts on 10th January. I will try to get into Computer Club Very Happy. Anyhow, our CCAs should take effect from late January-early February. That's all guys, byes Very Happy.
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[GM] Application; Karinia
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