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 Moo's Application

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PostSubject: Moo's Application   Fri Jan 02, 2009 8:43 am

Well lets hope i get the job, here we go.

InGame Name: Socky
Name: Jo p. (my full name is to long so i'll keep it short)
Gender: Male
Contact: maybetoshort@gmail.com

My Application:

I've always wanted to become a GM, ever since i started Maplestory (original). But i knew i couldn't get the job because I'd have to be out of college and in California. so eventually i found out about private servers, and have kept up with them and have played at least 70 private servers.

I would be a good GM because i am a good person (Don't get me wrong i have those moments of rage too, i am only human) but i am not person to be rash in those situations. I've always helped out people in regular and other forms of Maplestory, in fact I've more than once been referred to become a GM by more than one person but never go the job. I would much like to become a GM so i can do my part on behalf of my fellow Maplers, if its helping out a beginner train or helping out someone with a pq or quest. so i could be a good GM but it all comes down to how you think I'll do as a GM, whether its giving me a chance or just saying nah i don't think he'll do a good job. so here i am rambling on about me but its all down to you and what you've learned about me in this application so i hope you say yes and give me a chance.
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Moo's Application
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