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 Cloudricky's GM APP

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PostSubject: Cloudricky's GM APP   Thu Jan 01, 2009 10:38 pm

Name: My name is Ricardo Chen.

Age : I am currently 13 but in two munths from now i will be 14

Country : I am from Jamaica But i just recently moved to the us

Desired position : I would like to be apart of your team as a new GM

Languages you speak : I can speak English and almost fluent Spanish

Website : I currently dont have a web site..

E-mail : Rickyrickster1996@hotmail.com

Yahoo : Rickyrickster1996@yahoo.com

Previous Experiences : i was a gm on Rift and Ramen MS but they both got shutdown
now im just a gms assistant for awhile so im looking for work..

Personality : I consider my self to be a fun loving music / party person..
i love swimming and adventuring to new places, but a dislike
snotty people who think they are always right

Do you speak English well?: Yes as a matter of fact i was born with english
i can puctuate, pronunce and speck it very proper

Communication ability : Execlent , even thought people fing the jamaican accent funny..

Are you mature? : yes, i am mature i am responsible and trustworthy also the finest qualities of a
good faculty member

Why do you want to apply for that position? : I want to apply for this position because i have
experience and know what i am doing i know
spawning codes i know items many things
i just dont have the job, but i fell i would make a fine
acception to your team and can help in anyway i can

Anything else : no not much i said a mouth full up top...lol

How long have you played MapleStory : I have been playing maplestory for 3 years now =)

Ign : Cloudricky

How did I join this server : i found this server by accident i was looking for a server with highrates
and i found you

Why did I play this server : because the other server, Circus story has too many wipes
they just had another and now they are lowering the rates and are
adding weddings when i found this server i advertized it on circus
story to those people who wanted to leave that server


Why did I even bother to answer all these questions : Because i wnat to be a gm plain and
simple........ By the Way who are you and
why are you asking such pointless
q's ....o_O

Thanks you for your time

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Cloudricky's GM APP
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