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 Shemmy D's GM Application

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PostSubject: Shemmy D's GM Application   Tue Dec 30, 2008 3:28 am

Hi, My name is Shamar but my Freinds Call me Shemmy D Smile

1. IGN:
2. Gender: Male
3. Yahoo!: shamar_morrison2000@yahoo.com

Ive been a GM 5 times on different maplestory private servers, so i know what is required out of me as an individual. A Gm in my definition is someone who upholds the law but at the same time makes playing MS a fun and challenging opportunity. Im also a web - page Designer, So i can assist you in creating and modifying your website, i will also do anything that is required of me, as I know what it means to be responsible. Hackers will be BANNED! everyone mapler should be given equal and fair opportunities and no one should be allowed to cheat just to gain extra "characteristics" or "abilities" or just to have an edge over someone else. I will be very helpfull to anyone who needs my assistance while playing RammMS and if anyone me need assisstance outside of the game i will help them as long as it is related to RammMS and does not seem wrong or violates their "Terms of Service". RammMs is a great server on its way to becoming the Best Server.


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Shemmy D's GM Application
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