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 Angel's GFX/Coder/GM Application

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PostSubject: Angel's GFX/Coder/GM Application   Tue Dec 30, 2008 1:30 am

Hello, as you can see, I am applying for Graphic Designer, Javascript coder (NPC's) and a GameMaster.

Enjoy reading .

Living in Canada, Ontario. EST
Previous Experiences:
Previous experiences I've had, of my own, I've owned my own server, but due to me, lacking donations I decided to quit the project, of any more on-going servers, i've also had experience in many professional servers that take things seriously, like for example i've been part of the staff of ; GlobalStory and SweetMs. I've also became a staff in InfernalMs, due to the owner of not opening or preparing the server, I've quitted the staff team. My patients can be held, so I can wait along time for servers to develop. I am fluent english as you all can read. I can devote all my time on this server, due to its the winter holidays. I would love to help in many ways as possible. I know, you may think i'm not the best applicant, but looking foward of improving in the future reference. I am also learning coding skills, such as C++ and Javascripting, currently reading a book about javascripting and watching tutorials. In such cases when your in-need of a coder, I can help code ( NPCS ). But, for now im just applying for GameMaster. Even after the winter break, I can still devote all my time to help out, weekends and weekdays, plus my basketball season is now over meaning more time on. Like a GameMaster's job is to help out with the problems the players have, and what bugs to be located and reported, and most of all, banning hackers. Therefore if I get accepted, I will do my duty as a GameMaster to hunt for these KiPE's and hackers. I would love to help players out, and hold such wonderful events if get permissioned by the owner.
GlobalStory ; CLOSED
InfernalMS ; Unknown
SweetMs ; CLOSED
For my final comment, I would just like to say, if I do or do not get accepted as GameMaster, I will still help out on the server, and become a great player, and when you need another GameMaster, ill apply again for a better chance if possible. I wish to help out as much as I can to help develop the server.

Contact me on MSN ; angiieeex3_1314@hotmail.com

Graphic Artist works :
<---- For Johnny
<---- Snip

There are more.

Coding Experience :
Contact me on MSN for a custom javascript.

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Angel's GFX/Coder/GM Application
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