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 DHaloMZXPokE's Application for GM Spot

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PostSubject: DHaloMZXPokE's Application for GM Spot   Mon Dec 29, 2008 9:03 pm

Hello my name is Feilong,

1) My In game name is DHaloMZXPokE as the same as my forum name. Smile

2) I'm a male (Boy).

3) If you want I can make a MSN for you to contact me without being in-game.

4) Name is Feilong.

5) Call me Halo or Poke or even DHalo.

6) My past GM Expierence was in Sanctuary MS (Closed down) I only got to be a GM for about one month.

7) I'm starting today to start getting the hang of this Private Server that looks pretty great and has GM Apps open. Then if I try, I try I know I might not get the GM Spot but hey its always great to try things in life. Nothings actually impossible even if I don't get the GM Spot I might even stay still and wait for a 2nd chance at a shot to get it.

Cool I think I can maybe help with the hackers (I'm guessing there gone) but I've hated hackers in Private Servers.
Hackers are mostly in GMS but why hack in private servers when you can enjoy the high rates? I mean I understand it in GMS but in Private servers pepole are idiots.

9) Well I wish 100% Luck to everyones GM App! Good Luck on your journey to being a GM but don't doubt that dream of it everyone last thing I'm gonna say is Nothing is impossible!
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PostSubject: Re: DHaloMZXPokE's Application for GM Spot   Sun Jan 04, 2009 10:13 am

Oh? I thought I saw you before in YummyMS. Remember me? Very Happy. Answering all your quizzes was fun :3.
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DHaloMZXPokE's Application for GM Spot
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