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 Kaixe's GM Application

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[Kai] Kaixe ™

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Registration date : 2008-12-27

PostSubject: Kaixe's GM Application   Sat Dec 27, 2008 10:04 am

Real Life Name?: Kai Lee

Country Of Residence?: Malaysia ..

Timezone?: GMT + 8

Age?: 17

IGN?: Kaixe

Position Your Applying For?: GM & Forum Moderator

Why Are You Applying?: because i wanna help those player who need help . But i will never simply spawn mob , never coding for other player , never level other player , don abuse power of GM and never banned player without reason.. Besides , i will help those newcomer to the server and i would try my best to explain everything to them .. i always helping those who facing problem although im not a gm, i jz hope that i can help the Admin or other GMs in tis server . And i wanna help server reduce the number of hacker .. Besides, im experiences & i was Gm for 9 Maple private server ( included v0.55 , v0.60 , v0.61 , but all already shut down) And i jz back from 2weeks of vacation ( being an accountant now)..

Personal Profile?:im a Person kinda serious when doing my own job .. and im now working as an accountant in an office too .. So i know myself enough matured to handle the GM position.. But my accountant job will stop soon since i wan to have some time to enjoy my last few days of holiday.. =D
Erm , for my hobby is play online game , Chess , Football and also My most Lovely Ps3..

What Would Make You A Good Choice?: Because im experienced being GM , catching hacker in my Job & im well in making custom event too..

Have Any Experience?: Yes, i was Gm at HoboMs , FriendshipMS , DrewMs , IcyWorldMS , SweetCandyMs , Just-Ms , CriticalMs , CombatStory.. 1 more i forget already XD Since its about 8 months ago .. Most of them shut down already as wad i mentioned above ..

Anything Else That You Want To Say?: I Would Like You To Know, I Have School On Weekdays But i Can Be Very Active On Everyday [ i have my life XD ] .. Hope There will be people who support my Application .. However, somebody said im copy tis Application from others .. But tis Application wrote By Kaixe ©️2008

Good Luck to All Those Who Applying too=)
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Kaixe's GM Application
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