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 Raven's GM Application

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Registration date : 2008-12-27

PostSubject: Raven's GM Application   Sat Dec 27, 2008 9:15 am

Full Name : Allen (Raven)(either one doesn't matter) Ferzander Griffin

Ign: Raven

Age :16

Sex : M

Email Address : tenkai_is_deadly@hotmail.com or jjcool60@yahoo.com / phone # 469-258-4778

Why should you be chosen :
I believe i should be a gm because i am pretty active. i spend at least 3-5 hours playing at home and sometimes 7 if i come home straight after school. i love to help people especially the new people that want to enjoy their first time on the server. I actually try to help the players and not just ignore them.

Why do you want to be a Gm :
Well i figure i can be a valuable member/supporter for this community in just about any/every way possible. i also think it would be fun to be a gm and it feels good to help out others...whether it be new people, experienced player or even fellow gms.

What will you do to help the community : Well i would definitely help any and every person with whatever problems they may have no matter what the case. I would also like to host events as long as its ok with you. i hate hackers with a passion and if i am not helping someone i am definitely looking for them most of the time. I'm a all rounder, Hacker hunter/advertiser/helper.

What are your past experiences or are you new :I have actually been a gm for Sapphire MS, Carestory, and Hero MS(shut down tho). I'm what you called,mid leveled? Not really that experienced, but I at least know my stuff

What will you do if you do not become a GM : Let's see, i would be pretty disappointed but if you were to at least give a good logical reason and still treated me nicely then i most likely would stay with this server but if it were a pretty stupid reason i not really sure what i would do except leave. i am serious about stuff and known to be a really cool person to be with and get along with but i am not someone that would be mean and stupid and spam the website/server and stuff like that.

Thank you for taking the time to read my well thought out application and if you do pick me i wouldn't ever let you down on anything and would really appreciate being a gm thanks again bye Smile santa santa santa santa santa
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Raven's GM Application
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