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 Lynn's Communication GM Application

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Registration date : 2008-12-23

PostSubject: Lynn's Communication GM Application   Tue Dec 23, 2008 9:59 pm

Real Life Name?:

Country Of Residence?:
-California, good English aswell as spelling, most of the time i don't make typo's(:




Position Your Applying For?:
-Communication GM

Why Are You Applying?:
-I am applying for communication gm because i strongly believe when new players come to the server, they will always have questions that never get answered because they are 'noob's as some people say and eventually when they don't get their questions answered they leave lowering our community =/ (in example:When people don't know where to become a pirate). I believe by taking the opportunity to be a communication gm more people will stay on the server which will make our community bigger(:

Personal Profile?:
-Officially on winter break -cheers- ^_^ and i'm a fun person with a kind heart, love helping and love meeting new people.
-I was once a gfx, but i lost interest after an experience being criticized by people so i don't think gfx interested me after that.

What Would Make You A Good Choice?:
-My mature personality and persistance in what i do.

Have Any Experience?:
-Yes, and ofcourse everyone would say yes just to have a better chance of being accepted, but ive been a gfx, communication gm, half gm, and an event gm in LegendMS, LegendMS(theres 2 XD), SuperSpecialAwesomeMS and some other servers i don't want to remember (bad experiences..)

Anything Else That You Want To Say?:
-I'm very active since winter break is in progress(:
-My msn is LovableLynn21@hotmail.com <33
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Lynn's Communication GM Application
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