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 My GM Application

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Registration date : 2008-10-26

PostSubject: My GM Application   Sun Oct 26, 2008 12:56 pm

Dear Administrator:
Please take your time to read through my application and consider me

Name:Richard Lee


Location:New Zealand

Timezone:UTC/GMT +12 hours

Experience: Had a server myself before, 3 times GM on other private servers and 2 times intern. So 1 time administrator, 3 times GM, 2 times intern.

Reason for application:
I plan to help new players more as to teaching them about the server E.g. Where to buy items or get skills maxed etc. I am an experienced maplestory player and from my personal experience I can therefore help other players. I have encountered the most rare glitches. Also I have started a private server myself before. However my ram wasn't good enough so I had to close it. My experience as a administrator may be helpful. The main reason is because I like banning hackers and fixing the most crazy glitches.

How would you deal with a begginer spamming and/or begging (annoying other users)?
I will give 2 warnings -> 3 days ban -> 1 week ban -> IP ban

How would you deal with/react to someone hacking?
I will first make sure that the player is hacking. Give 1 warning along with 1 week ban. Second time hacking IP ban.

What would you do if you saw part of the Hobo staff hacking?
I will take screen shots and videos. A higher ranked administrator will be notified.

If faced in a situation where you see a close friend hacking, how would you react?
I will ring the friend up and IP ban the friend.

Why choose me?:
As I said earlier I have played maplestory for a long time and I have
encountered some issues and as a player myself I can contribute to
maplestory. I am also a pretty experienced administrator as I said I had a server myself. I am good at explaining things in simple terms. Also I have pretty good grammar.

Are you an experience Java coder?:
Nope I used C++ and Hex Workshop for my server.

Something you should know about me/additional information:
1st language/main language:
Mandarin and English

How many hours a day do I play?
I play around 5 hours a day during holidays and normal school term I
play 6 hours every Saturday and Sunday.

How many days of the week do I play?
2 days a week during school term and everyday during school holiday.

I am having trouble getting the client can you please send it to me via MSN or email?

Thank you for reading and hopefully accepting me.

Your Sincerely
Richard Lee

Contact me
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My GM Application
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