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 Den's Application

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Registration date : 2008-10-26

PostSubject: Den's Application   Sun Oct 26, 2008 6:27 am

How many servers have u played:I have played 8 servers...
have u had exp in gm:Yes i have in 7 of them 2 of them helper and two in adimn and rest a gm!
Whats the servers name:SageMS FianlMS HoboMS FroobsMS LolMS KillZoneMS 7pokerMS...
How well you help out commuinty:I well cacth hackers and and host events i well do erveything i can to do anything i can u tell me!
Why would u like to become a gm:I well love to help out any communty and well yah it well be fun to help out people agin and i well love to Cacth Dum noob hackers!even now i have a video for hacks....LOL but anyways that video was for my frined...
About Me:I love making videos drving and soccer basket ball...

hi,my name is Den I am 18 years old (as you can see above) and I am willing to volunteer my time to this server. I hav previose eperience with visual C++ because i have made my own private server before. If there is something i cant figure out i can look up tutorials pretty fast. i have aslo been a "Server GM" which records all problems that occur during gameplay, and i also record problems any other users experience. Those are the two things i know how to do very well. ^_^ I hope i qualify ^_^

from, Den Very Happy
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Den's Application
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