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 -Kat- Gm apps .

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PostSubject: -Kat- Gm apps .   Sun Oct 26, 2008 3:13 am

Brief Intro .
Hayyy . My name is Kathy or Kat fer shortt . Very Happy
I'm 14 and i've been playing global maple for 2 years and private servers for 1 . i think . lol . x__o .
I'm really fun to talk with&love making new friends and can get serious when needed .
when im not busy im on for almost the whole day . other days im on for about 2 hours or 3 .
i can also advertise this server so it can get big or ill just do it anyways . its fun making videos. Very Happy .
I also know most of all the gm commands and codes .

I don't have much experience in being a gm but i hope i can start in this private server .

Thankyooh .
-Katttt . [[<3]]
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-Kat- Gm apps .
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