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 Adamaters GM APP

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Registration date : 2008-10-26

PostSubject: Adamaters GM APP   Sun Oct 26, 2008 2:47 am

Ingame Username:

Real Name:


Xbox 360 and Maple

Experience in coding?
I have experience in java, from making my own runescape server, and C++ from running a Maplestory Server.


On average what’s your daily playing time?
9+ hours. on weekends and friday, 3+ hours on weekdays

Did you ever play on GMS?
For a short while during the trial period, and in the normal server for 4 months

Do you have past Gamemaster Experience?
2 years on a public The Specialists server called "LGRP".
1/2 a year on a public The Specialists server called "ApinaRP".
1 1/2 months on a Blockland server ran by "STDP7".
Both TS servers sadly withered away after the introduction of Steam and eventually Half Life 2, but that's a long story and not fore here
Both TS servers were popular public ones, and featured complex admin command systems similar to maplestory(known as Entmod for manipulation of map objects and AdminMod/AMX for general administration commands such as banning, slaying, IP lookup etc.)
Although this was a couple of years ago I do think that it would be fairly easy for me to adjust to the maplestory system and learn its commands quickly. Since I was an administrator for quite a while on both servers I understand how to use those powers both effectively and fairly for the interests of the other players.I also ran my own maplestory Server,Named PowerMS and did a bit of coding in it, it had about 20-50 people online,sadly it only ran for about a month .

Do you know the GM commands?
I have run my own server, odinms and titanms so i am fiamilliar with both server commands.

How long on average could you dedicated to RammMS?
I believe that I could dedicate at least my regular gaming session to GM work and it would probably give me a motive to put more time and dedication into the server, forums and the other chat groups (like IRC).

What Time Zone do you live in?
GMT -5=canada and america.

How old are you?
18. Birthdate is 02/14/1990

Why would you like to be a Gamemaster?
I think that helping other people out with their problems can be a really rewarding part of any game, especially in smaller communities like private servers where you can get to know people and build up a reputation as a nice,mature and trustable person - and that's also a good way to meet new friends. As well as the ability to help people I think that it would also allow me to co-ordinate ingame events and help keep players on the server entertained a bit more

How do you think you could help the server and community grow?
Again, I think it is fairly important to keep players entertained with events to make them feel more involved as a community. I would like to both run and encourage more unique and interesting events on the server, which would help to increase the lifespan of the game.

Is there anything else you would like to add?
Other online gaming experience:
The Specialists
Team Fortress Classic
Guild Wars
City of Heroes
Voyage Century
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Adamaters GM APP
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