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 VVand483's Gm app

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PostSubject: VVand483's Gm app   Mon Jan 26, 2009 2:32 am

READ FIRST: I am known as VVand483 from youtube.com i currently have more than 1000 subcirbers which mean i get over 1000 views on a video within a couple days. If this app were to be accepted, i PROMISE to make an Ad about this server and get ALOT of people to join Very Happy. Trust me Ive advertised for 3 other servers and a lot of people joined. those ads are private atm but i can Make em unprivate for you Very Happy

In game name: VVand483 (Remember 2 V's not 1 W Very Happy)
Gender: Male
How we can contact you besides in game: MSN, Email, Youtube, Maplesim Forums
Real name: Scott
Age: 17
TimeZone: Eastern Standered time (Eastern canada + U.S)
Location: Toronto, Canada

Why I want to be a Gm

The other servers i joined got closed so ive been searching for a great server to play, this server seemed like a lot of fun so i decided to play Very Happy. Its really fun and I really would want to Help host events and make it fun for other players

What i can do to contribute to the server

Well I am a godly hacker banner, Besides the fact ive only been Gm twice, i am an amazing hacker banner Very Happy. I also love to host events and we all know how much players love events.

How often do i play?

Well i have a busy schedual with animating and gamemaking, plus im a Moderator on BsBackgrounds forums, but i have the best time management skills ever, If in, i can probably fit in 2-4 hours a day when i have school and 3-6 hours on the weekend or days i have off of school.

^_^. Personally it would be REALLY wonderful if i could be GM, But if you reject, Dont worry im not gunna quit the server. But i only make ads for Servers im GM on.
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VVand483's Gm app
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