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 Lazy's GM Application

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Mr. Lazy

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PostSubject: Lazy's GM Application   Sun Jan 25, 2009 2:07 am

Name: Erik.

IGN: Lazy.

Age: 14.

Gender: Male.

Coding experience: I am learning to code in Javascript, even tho I still can't make a decent NPC, I have a lot of trouble when it comes to Statuses/ Selections/ Modes, etc.

Languages spoken: I speak fluent Spanish, Hebrew (Israel language) and English.

About me (related to the Application): I've been a "GM- helper" on a server named KantoMS, I've always helped GM's around with stuff (taking care of an event, watch over someone (stalk to find out if he hacks, mainly)), I've caught a shitload of Hackers/ Dupers (on my own, no GM commands/ skills), took Screenshots, uploaded to Forum, etc. Server got shut down.

I've also got to be a Demi- Admin (GM level 5 with DB access) on a smaller server, Maple Revolution, I know how to go around the Database, check IP logs, compare, etc. The only thing I didn't go well with was the GM logs, they weren't functioning right, another thing I don't know alot about is MySQL injectoins and such.

Proof: This might not serve as a big one, but I know for example, that passwords are Encrypted with SHA1 system, which cannot be de-encrypted in any way, if you wanna change a Password through the DB, you first have to make Salt as "Null", then use a Normal text -> SHA1 converter, and enter a Password in the SHA1 format to the Password field, and Apply the changes.
That you connect with TeamViewer to the Computer which has the Database on it (supposing your computer isn't the one which has it).

I know from the the most less- often used Commands, such as !lolhaha, !slap, !hurt, !fakechar, !setGMLevel, and such.
Up to the most used; !warp (with all it's variables), !cheaters, !say/!notice, boss commands (!zakum, !pap, !birds, etc), !maxall, !setall, etc.

I know these are not proofs which would automatically make you think I'm very experienced and all, but it does prove that I'm not lying.

About me (Not related): I like playing Soccer, Tennis, Basketball, Maplestory, and other games and such.
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE playing my Guitar, listening to music.
I like Heavy/ Power/ Speed/ Progressive metal.
Classic/ Hard rock.
Blues/ Rock- Blues/ Jazz.
And very little bit of Post- Grunge and Rapcore.

--Hypothetical questions--

Q1: What would you do if you saw a hacker?
A1: Instant and permanent ban, no hackers deserve to play.

Q2: What would you do if someone reported of a Ks war at a Boss through a Whisper?
A2: Come in Hide mode, check what's going, I'd usually be able to define who is the kser/ ksed by how each one talks, and sometimes, by gut feeling (sometimes), if I can't define who was there first, I'd tell them to Party/ Take turns, if someone refuses, he gets jailed for about 30 minutes and the other takes the map.

Q3: What would you do if you saw 2 players harassing each other?
A3: Jail both, each in a different Jail (for about 1 hour, making fun of/ cursing other players is not tolerated), ask each what happened, if they can SS it and send it to me, I'd know who to watch over for the next time, if the user keeps harassing, he'll be banned.

Q4: What would you do if you saw someone begging in the FM/ other places?
A4: Tell him GM's are not allowed to give away any Mesos/ Items, and that he should stop bugging players because it affects their game- play, and to go hunt for his stuff like everyone did, if he keeps begging constantly, I'd jail (for about 20 minutes), if when he gets out he keeps begging, I'd ban.

Other ways to contact me:
MSN: FackUrSelf@hotmail.com
Gmail: XGhacker@gmail.com
AIM: ErikzKpo21. (<-- don't expect me to get on very often here).
ICQ: 319558401.

And that's about it, thanks for the time of reading my Application.
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Lazy's GM Application
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